various responsibilities are divided among faculty and staff members and are full filled appropriately under the headship of Director, Institute of Clinical Psychology. These includes Clinical In-charge, Student’s Advisors, Continuing Education Incharge, Academic Incharge, Seminar and Conference In-charge, Rehabilitation In-charge and a Library Incharge

Presently following Faculty Members are fulfilling these additional responsibilities to support organizational structure of Institute:

  • Director: Prof. Dr. Uzma Ali
  • Clinical Incharge: Dr. Sarwat Jahan Khanam, Associate Professor
  • Assistant Clinical Incharge: Dr. Salman Shahzad, Associate Professor
  • Academic Incharge: Dr. SarwatJahanKhanam, Associate Professor
  • Rehabilitation Incharge: Dr. Hina Imran, Associate Professor
  • Student Advisors: Prof. Dr. Kausar Ansari, and Dr. Fazeela Mughal, Assistant Professor
  • Library Incharge: Dr. SobiaAftab, Associate Professor
  • Assistant Library Incharge: Dr. NasreenBano, Assistant Professor
  • Continuing Education Incharge: Dr. Hina Imran, Associate Professor
  • Seminar and Conference Incharge: Dr. Shafaq Ahmed, Assistant Professor

Owing to the intensive nature of the courses offered each class at the Institute is composed of not more than 30 students. From 1983 to December 2018, number of students has been professionally trained in the field of Clinical Psychology are listed below, though besides them many are in their process of submission of thesis and about to complete their degrees.