Institute of Clinical Psychology- Faculty Profile

Name Dr. Raheela Khatoon
Designation Speech and Language Pathologist
Telephone # 0333-3099760
Email Address raheela666@hotmail.com
Brief Profile I am Raheela Khatoon Speech-Language Pathologist working in Institute of Clinical
Psychology University of Karachi. My Educational background is PhD in Special
Education and Master in Speech Pathology from Special Education Department
University of Karachi. In Clinical Psychology, my main responsibility is speech
therapy to those patients (children and adults) who comes with communication
disorders (Language disorders, Articulation disorders, Fluency disorders, Voice
disorders). Moreover, I am also teaching speech disorders and therapies in Special
Education as well as Diploma of Rehabilitation Childhood Disorders in Clinical
Psychology as a visiting faculty.
My great achievement in the field of Speech Therapy is the development of
“PAK URDU ARTICULATION TEST” and Articulation Therapy in Urdu (in process).